1. General
1.1 The rules will be applicable during the Bruges Belfry Darts.

1.2 If not stated in those rules, the World Darts Federation (WDF) and British Darts Organization (BDO) rules will apply.

1.3 In the circumstances not provided in both rules from above, the tournament organization will take the necessary decisions, which  shall be final.

2. Tournament information

2.1 The organizations of the B.B.D. will provide all necessary or useful information at

2.2 The different events held during the B.B.D. are: Singles (ladies, girls, men’s, boys and amateurs)

3. Eligibility

3.1 As the singles events of the B.B.D. are BDO and WDF ranked, which can lead to participation at the Winmau World Masters Championships and the Lakeside World Professional Championships, only players eligible to take part in those events are allowed to enter the single events of the B.B.D.

3.2 Only the PDC Tour Card holders will NOT be allowed to play in the singles on Saturday and Sunday.

4. Registration
4.1 Registration for the Bruges Belfry Darts is possible through the online entry form or other provided/allowed by the organization. The registration form is available at

4.2 Registration for all events are only possible in advance, the closing date will be indicated by the organization of the tournament.

4.3 registration received after the closing date, will not be accepted.

4.4 The registration fee for ladies and men’s singles is 20 Euro on Saturday and 22 Euro on Sunday and includes the WDF levy. registration fee for the youth event is 10 Euro. G-darters fee is 10 Euro. Friday is the fee 8 Euro

4.5 Payments must be made to the bank account of the organisation no later than the time indicated by the organisation.

4.6 If registration fees are not paid in time, the possibility exist that the registrations are not taken into the draw.

5. Tournaments

5.1. The singles event will include men’s, ladies, boys and girls youth.

  • From the age of 8, players are allowed to enter the youth events.
  • From the age of 18, players must enter the ladies or men’s singles.
  • Girls and boys can enter the ladies and men’s event.
    But will not be allowed to enter in both (youth and main) tournaments at the same day.
6. Draw
6.1 After the closing date of the entries, the draw for the different events will be made as soon as possible. When the draw has been done, the starting times of the different players will be published per event on the website of the organization. No action can be taken against the organization and/or any officials for amendments of changes on this list. Players must check their registration cards forthe exact times and boards they have to play their games.

6.2 For the men’s and ladies singles, a seeding will be applied as mentioned in the BDO rules. This seeding will be made from the BDO Main Invitation Tables as published on the BDO website at the time of closing of entries. If some players get the same points total, the highest ranked player in the WDF Ranking Table will be given the highest seeding place.

7. Registration cards
7.1 After the draw, a registration card will be printed for each individual player or pair.

7.2 On the front of this card, the times and boards where and when a players has to play, will be indicated. Those times and boards are only for indication. The tournament direction has the right to change them, and when times are changed, this will be announced through the PA system. There will also be an indication whether the winner or loser of that specific game has to mark the next game.

7.3 On the backside of this card, an extract of the rules and regulations will be printed as match rules.

7.4 The responsible of the entries, or one of the players he or she has entered, can pick up the complete package of the registration cards. They will be available from the opening of the venue on each day of play.

8. Dress code
8.1 A player shall be dressed as smart as possible for the floor matches. No shorts or trainers will be allowed.

8.2 Players need to wear a shirt with a collar. No T-shirts are allowed, unless they are worn underneath a proper shirt. No shirts relating to any football team or sporting clubs are allowed.

8.3 During floor matches jeans are allowed. Those must be a 5-pocket model, with no cracks or prints. 8.4 During matches, not headgear will be worn, unless for medical or religious reasons, with prior permission of the organisers.

8.5 For stage matches the next dress code will be applied.

8.6 Players are not permitted to wear jeans, nor shall be permitted to wear any trousers or skirts made with denim, or corduroy material which have been fashioned in a ‘jeans style’, nor any form of ‘track- suit’ attire will be permitted.

8.7 No training shoes will be allowed unless for medical reasons.

9. Smoking and drinking
9.1 In the playing area there will be a complete smoking ban, and a drinking and eating ban for players and spectators in the part where the floor matches are played.

9.2 Any player found in breach of previous clause shall be warned and by second breach be taken out of the tournament !

10. Registration
10.1 Each player need to report 15 minutes before their game at the control desk of the board on which they have to play.

10.2 Players who have reported at the control desk, need to stay there according the instructions of the official of their boards, until they can start their game.

10.3 A player that has not reported at the control desk at the time indicated, can be taken out of the game.

10.4 No later than 5 minutes after the indicated time of the game, and if the designated board was free for this game, the player that has not reported at the control desk, will be taken out of the game.

10.5 A match can start before the indicated hour, assumed if the assigned board is free for the specific match and all parties involved for this match are present.

10.6 The tournament officials can assign a match to an other board.

11. Score card
11.1 A score card for each match will be made out at the control desk with the names of the event, the round of play and the names of the players and marker.

11.2 The referee fills in the result on the score card and hands it to the winner. He verifies this result and hands it to the control desk. The winner is responsible for the correct result given to the control desk. Should a wrong score is given, it is possible that this mistake can not be corrected. The winner remains at the control desk following the instruction of the official, for a new score card that he will take to the designated board to mark the game.

11.3 From the moment that the losers need to mark the next game, they will also report to the control desk to collect the score card for the next game which he is to mark. Also following the instructions of the official.

12. Format
12.1 Singles will be played from 501.

12.2 The girls youth will be played in the best of 5 legs . The semi finals are best of 7 legs. The final will be played in the best of 9 legs.

12.3 The boys youth will be played in the best of 5 legs .
The semi finals will be played in the best of 7 legs and the final in the best of 9 legs.

12.4 The ladies singles will be played in the best of 5 legs up until the last 32.
The last 16 and quarter finals will be played in the best of 7 legs.
The semi finals will be played in the best of 9 legs and the final in the best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs per set.

12.5 The men’s singles will be played the best of 7 legs.
The quarter finals will be played in the best of 9 legs.
The semi final will be played in the best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs per set.
The final will be played in the best of 5 sets, best of 5 legs per set.

13. Order of play
13.1 The order of play will be determined by the throw for the Bull. In a singles event the first player on the score card shall throw first for the Bull with one dart. The dart must remain in the board to count and a re-throw shall be made until the dart remains in the board. In a pairs event, the first mentioned player of each pair will throw for the Bull and the player of the first mentioned pair will throw first.

13.2 If the dart of the first player is inside the ‘25’ ring of in the Bull, the opposite player has the choice of leaving the dart in the board or getting it removed.

13.3 A re-throw shall be made if the Referee cannot determine which dart is nearer the Bull, or if both darts are in the Bull or in the ‘25’ ring. Are-throw shall be in the reverse order of the previous throw and in a pairs event by the players not involved in the first throw.

13.4 The player or pair who throws nearer the centre of the dartboard shall throw first in the first leg and the odd legs thereafter. If a match is played in sets, he/she will start the first leg of the first leg and the odd legs of the odd sets and the even legs of the even sets thereafter.

13.5 The players names shall be entered on the scoreboard in the same order (left and right sides) as they are listed on the score card.

14. Marking

14.1 A player who has lost his/her game, has the obligation to mark the next game at the same board.

14.2 The marker can find a substitute to mark his/her next game, but remains fully responsible that the next game is marked. The person originally indicated to mark, needs to go to the control desk of his board with the substitute to change the name of the marker.

14.3 If a player fails to mark or fails to find a substitute, they will be taken out of the tournament and forfeit their right of any prize money, prizes or trophies.

15. Prize money
15.1 During the BBD there will a prize fund available of more as 20.000 Euro in total.

15.2 Youth prizes are paid in ‘value-cheques’.

15.3 After the end of a complete round where prizes are won, the prizemoney can be picked up at the registration desk, unless mentionedotherwise.

15.4 To collect the prize money, players need to be in possession of a legitimate identity.

15.5 Prizes not picked up during the tournament shall be consideredforfeited and remain to the organisation.

15.6 Players, pairs or teams that doesn’t fulfil their playing commitments by failing to complete all scheduled matches, including the final, shall forfeit the right to any prize money, prizes or trophies for the specific event.

16. Prize ceremony
16.1 fter each final there will be a prize ceremony of the involved series. This is also applicable for the pairs and amateur tournaments.

16.2 Failure to be present during the prize ceremony will forfeit the absent to any prizes and trophies.

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