Results 2017

Open Belfry in Bruges wins Mitchell, Prins, V Malsen and Frauenfelder

Friday night the Open Belfry Darts started in the beautiful city of Brugge with on Saturday the Open Belfry (BDO cat B) and on Sunday the Open Brugge (BDO cat A). James Hurrell won the warm up tournament with an 11-darter (180-100-135-86 check) from Marvin van Velzen. Van Velzen did throw a nice 125-finish via single bull and two red bulls in the seventh leg.

Saturday the BDO B tournament Open Belfry which is held in the Belfry of Bruges which is since 4th December 1999 on the UNESCO world heritage list. In this beautiful ambiance Scott Mitchel, Sharon Boxem-Prins, Kyana Frauenfelder and Gijsbert van Malsen won today.

Sunday the Open Brugge which is a BDO A tournament.

Final men
Scott Mitchell (90.0) – Ross Montgomery (84.0) 3-1 (3-0; 2-3; 3-2; 3-0 sets)

Final ladies
Aileen de Graaf (75.0) – Sharon Boxem-Prins (78.31) 0-2 (2-3; 0-3 sets)

Final boys
Gijsbert van Malsen (71.40) – Maringo Baes junior (58.50) 4-0

Final girls
Kyana Frauenfelder (51.65) – Layla Brussel (49.44) 4-1

Warm-up tournament Friday
Marvin van Velzen – James Hurrell 3-5

Final G-darts
Vincent D’Hondt – Freddy Maartens 5-1

Open Brugge titles for De Vos, Hedman, Nijman and Hamelink

Sunday the second day of the Belfry Open Darts weekend in the beautiful city of Bruges. In a unique ambiance in the middle of the old city surrounded by many tourists Geert de Vos and Deta Hedman won the Brugge Open in front of their own crowd on Sunday. Hedman donated her won Termote led surround to LUDO’s youth darts.

During the youth tournaments, the Dutch were dominant, both the finals in the juniors and girls went between two Dutch. In the girls category Quintey Bieman and Veerle Hamelink met. Bieman started well and took a 2-0 lead before Hamelink equalized and took a 2-3 lead via double eight. Also the sixth leg went to Hamelink with which Hamelink from Delft took the victory.

In the juniors Marvin van Velzen and Wessel Nijman met, the final was evenly matched with Nijman throwing a nice 142-finish in leg five before Van Velzen levelled 3-3. In leg seven Nijman threw a maximum score after which he locked up the match.

In the ladies the finalist of Saturday came to the semi where Aileen de Graaf had to acknowledge the golden girl Trina Gulliver. Gulliver took on Deta Hedman in the final, the dark destroyer took the first set 3-1 with a 108-finish and then in the second set she did not give up a single leg to Gulliver. With the victory at the Brugge Open the Englishwoman wrote history by winning the first edition of the Brugge Open in Belgium. On Saturday Sharon Prins was the lucky one to secure her name in history by winning the first edition of the Belfry Open.

In the men’s tournament Chris Landman came furthest for the Netherlands, Landman was defeated in the semi finals by an unleashed Geert de Vos.

Geert de Vos came into action in front of his own audience and especially Jackie Goethals against Darius Labanauskas, in the first set the Belgian took the set 3-2. In the second set de Vos threw a tight 129-finish and did not concede a single leg in the second set. In the third set the Belgian did not concede a single set and won the Brugge Open 3-0.

Besides Deta Hedman, Vincent D’Hondt also hit the double during the G-darts event, Sunday Vinnie defeated Kevin Stringer. The Englishman missed several match darts to win 3-5. D’Hondt was able to take advantage and eventually won 5-4. Serge van Belle and Frederick Maertens finished third as they lost the semi-finals.


Last 16        
Glenn Durrant _ Kyle McKency 3 4
Geert de Vos _ Roger Jansen 4 3
Wayne Warren _ Davy van Baelen 4 2
Chris Landman _ Gary Robson 4 3
Conan Whitehead _ Daniel Day 2 4
Richard Veenstra _ Darius Labanauskas 1 4
Jim Williams _ Ross Montgomery 4 1
James Hurrell _ Scott Mitchell 1 4
Kyle McKency _ Geert de Vos 3 5
Wayne Warren _ Chris Landman 4 5
Daniel Day _ Darius Labanauskas 4 5
Jim Williams _ Scott Mitchell 5 4
Geert de Vos _ Chris Landman 2 1
Darius Labanauskas _ Jim Williams 2 1
Geert de Vos _ Darius Labanauskas 3 0
Last 16        
Catherine Drake _ Deta Hedman 0 5
Anneke Kuijten _ Julie Thompson 2 5
Sharon Prins _ Lavra Turner 5 3
Fallon Sherrock _ Dana Verhaegen 4 1
Kisten Byo _ Aileen de Graaf 0 5
Anca Zijlstra  _ Marjolein Noijens 5 4
Tricia Wright _ Nicola O’Donovan 1 5
Kirsty Howitt _ Trina Gulliver 3 5
Deta Hedman _ Julie Thompson 5 1
Sharon Prins _ Fallon Sherrock 3 5
Aileen de Graaf _ Anca Zijlstra  5 2
Nicola O’Donovan _ Trina Gulliver 1 5
Deta Hedman _ Fallon Sherrock 5 4
Aileen de Graaf _ Trina Gulliver 4 6
Deta Hedman _ Trina Gulliver 2 0
Quintey Bieman Bye 3 0
Layla Brussel Bye 3 0
Veerle Hamelink Bye 3 0
Kyana Frauenfelder  Lerena Rietbergen 0 3
Quintey Bieman Layla Brussel 4 2
Veerle Hamelink Lerena Rietbergen 4 3
Quintey Bieman Veerle Hamelink 2 4
Last 16        
Javanico Jansen Owen Roelofs 0 3
Marvin van Velzen Sven Clauwaert 3 2
Lars Stiksma Roy Rietbergen 2 3
Erik Meyers Seppe Giebens 2 3
Maringo Junior Baes Mike Brands 3 0
Wessel Nijman Gijsbert van Malsen 3 0
Levy Frauenfelder Quincey Schoenmaker 3 2
Wesley van de Voorde Gian van Veen 2 3
Owen Roelofs Marvin van Velzen 1 3
Roy Rietbergen Seppe Giebens 3 0
Maringo Junior Baes Wessel Nijman 0 3
Levy Frauenfelder Gian van Veen 3 2
Marvin van Velzen Roy Rietbergen 4 0
Wessel Nijman Levy Frauenfelder 4 3
Marvin van Velzen Wessel Nijman 3 4
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