Saturday 28/9/2019 the CEUSOUL Belfry Open en CEUSOUL Belfry Open G-Darts

The men’s title went to the Belgian Brian Raman. Brian defeated Thibault Tricole in the final with 3-2 in sets in a final and all-determining leg.
Beau Greaves won the women’s title by beating Fallon Sherrock 2-0 in sets in the final.
Among the youth Gian van Veen won the title among the boys. In the final battle he won after a decisive final leg 5-4 against the German David Schlichting.
For the girls, the win went to Femke Sannen, who beat Cheyenne Vleugels 5-2.
Vincent D’Hondt won the final at the G-darters of Paul Gelder with 4-3.

Sunday 29/9/2019 the CEUSOUL Open Bruges and European WDDA Winmau World Championship ranking G-Darts

The title for the men went to Nick Kenny who beat Jason Heaver 3-2 during the final and final set.
Beau Greaves won the title again for the ladies by beating Fallon Sherrock 2-0 in sets in the final.
In the youth boys Daan Bastiaansen won the title just like yesterday. In the final battle he won after another decisive final leg with 5-4 from the German David Schlichting.
Among the girls today too the win went to Femke Sannen who this time convincingly won 4-0 against Audrey Ysewijn.
Phillipe Smith won the G-darters title against Paul Gelder with 4-2.

Friday 25th May 2018

Vandenbogaerde and Geeraerts win Bruges Open Warm-up tournament

On Saturday and Sunday the program of the Bruges Open and Belfry Open contain the single matches. On Friday evening the battle for the first titles in the warm-up tournament started.

For the men it was the perfect preparation for Mario Vandenbogaerde who defeated Cedric Corin  in the final with 5-3. The title in the women’s division went to Kathy Geeraerts who won the final match against Ramak Mirkhana with 4-3.

Saturday 26th May 2018

Jim Williams ann Fallon Sherrock win Belfry Open 2018

The Belfry Open titles went to Jim Williams and Fallon Sherrock. Williams was too strong for Mario Vandenbogaerde, who was playing in front of a home crowd, and won 3-0 in sets. The Belgian wasn’t able to take a set despite his efforts. He can still be proud of his achievements during this tournament and his place as runner-up. You can watch the final by clicking on this link.

Aileen De Graaf and Fallon Sherrock played the woman’s final. The woman from The Netherlands won the first set but saw the victory go to her opponent in the end. Sherrock won the final with 2-1 and claimed the title. These images were broadcast live by Dartfreakz and can be seen here.

For the paradarters the victory went to Cliff de Ruiter from The Netherlands who beat Bernard Martens from Belgium.

Youth titles Belfry Open go to Daan Bastiaansen ann Layla Brussel

The Belfry Open youth titles went to The Netherlands. Daan Bastiaansen was too strong for his fellow Dutchman Rene Molendijk. He won the tournament for the boys with 5-1.

In the match for the girl’s title Layla Brussel took on Romy Vermeulen. This Dutch battle was won by Brussel who took the win. She was too strong for her opponent and beat her with 4-0.

Both finals can be viewed here.

Sunday 27th May, 2018

Double win on Cuesoul Bruges Open forJim Williams and Sherrock

Jim Williams won today just like he did yesterday. Today the titles of the Cuesoul Bruges Open were ready to be claimed. In the final, Dean Reynolds couldn’t stop the title going to his fellow countryman. He was able to win a set but in the end Jim Williams won with 3-1.

The Chinese label, Cuesoul, that gave its name to this tournament also provided the boards that were used to play on. Since April this brand has been connected to the BDO as we mentioned in this article.

Fallon Sherrock was the strongest woman yesterday and today she proved that she was hard to beat. This created a special situation in which all the winners of yesterday won the titles of today. This looked like the perfect weekend for Jim Williams, Fallon Sherrock, Daan Bastiaansen and Layla Brussel. Sherrock proved to be too strong in the final and won 2-0 from Aileen De Graaf.

The happy go lucky Dutchman Cliff De Ruiter (picture: Evert Zomer) won the title in the paradarter division. He was too strong for the English Paul Hampton. was on scene and provided a livestream next to the results, reports and pictures. You can find the images of the finals  here and here

The tournament was held by SterkDarts and the Belgian organisation. Together with the help of the Chinese label Cuesoul everything went smoothly.

Bastiaansen and Brussel take double win on Cuesoul Bruges Open

Yesterday they won the tournament Belfry Open and today they did it again on the Cuesoul Bruges Open. We’re talking about the Dutch youth players Daan Bastiaansen and Layla Brussel.

For the boys, Bastiaansen was too strong for Rene Molendijk and won 5-1. This was  the same result as  yesterday’s  final.

Yesterday Layla Brussel won the girl’s title with 4-0 from Romy Vermeulen. This time she did it again but her opponent was Lynn Hoekstra.

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Sunday April 16, 2017

Open Belfry in Bruges a win for Mitchell, Prince, V Malsen and Frauenfelder.

Friday evening started in the beautiful city of Bruges the Open Belfry Darts with on Saturday the Open Belfry (BDO cat B) and on Sunday the Open Bruges (BDO cat A). James Hurrell managed to win the warm-up tournament against Marvin van Velzen with an 11-darter (180-100-135-86 check). Van Velzen managed to throw a beautiful 125-goal by single bull and twice the red bull in the seventh leg.

Saturday was the BDO B Tournament Open Belfry held in the Belfry of Bruges, which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since December 4, 1999. In this beautiful venue, Scott Mitchel, Sharon Boxem-Prince, Kyana Frauenfelder and Gijsbert van Malsen won the open Belfry.

Saturday April 15, 2017

Open Bruges titles for De Vos, Hedman, Nijman and Hamelink

Sunday the second day of the Belfry Open Darts weekend in the beautiful city of Bruges. In a unique atmosphere surrounded by many tourists, On Sunday Geert de Vos, for his own public and as ever Jackie Goethals ,and Deta Hedman won the Open Bruges. Hedman donated her Termote led surround to LUDO’s youth darts.

During the youth tournaments, the Dutch were dominant, both the finals for the juniors and the girls went between two Dutchmen/girls. In the girls Quintey Bieman and Veerle Hamelink met. Bieman started off well and went 2-0 ahead . Hamelink came back strong and came 2-3 ahead. The sixth leg also went to her, which made Hamelink from Delft the victor.

Marvin van Velzen and Wessel Nijman met in the final of the boys, the finals being equal with Nijman throwing a nice 142 finish in the fifth, after which Van Velzen made 3-3 again. In leg seven, Nijman scored a maximum score and he won the title.

the ladies final was between Deta Hedman and “golden girl” Trina Gulliver .  The dark destroyer managed to grab the first set with 3-1 with a 108 finish, In the second set Deta won 3-0 and claimed the first bruges open . On Saturday, Sharon Prince was a proud winner of the bruges belfry

Geert de Vos played the men’s final against Darius Labanauskas . He took the first exciting set with 3-2 , In the second set he managed a 129 check out to go 2-0 ahead in sets . The 3th set was completely dominated by Geert , and with a 3-0 in sets he became the first winner of the bruges open !

Vincent D’Hondt also won the double during the G-darts event, on Sunday, Vinnie won againstKevin Stringer . The Englishman missed several arrows to win 3-5. D’Hondt could profit and eventually won 5-4. Serge van Belle and Frederick Maertens became third.



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