I am not affiliated with a member organization, can I participate in the Bruges Belfry darts?

The Bruges Belfry Darts is a OPEN tournament, you do not require a membership.


WHEN is the registration closed?


Registrations close on September, 29th at 6pm!

How much is the registration fee?
  • Friday – Pairs 20 Euro
  • Saturday – Men/Ladies 25 Euro and Youth 12 Euro
  • Sunday – Men/Ladies 25 Euro and Youth 12 Euro
  • G-darters all weekend lang 20 Euro a day
The money for the subscription is paid and debited from the account, but there is no confirmation by e-mail?

The system automatically sends an e-mail when registration is completed. It is possible that this e-mail has landed in the ‘spam’ box or that during registration a false e-mail address has been entered (for example because of an typing error). It can also occur that the mailbox is full and as a consequence the system cannot send the e-mail. In third place it is an option that the confirmation e-mail will only be received after a few hours (for example when a hugh number op partcipants register in a short time). Don’t make another registration right away (then you’ve signed up twice!), but wait for one day. When all situations pointed out above are not applicable, please contact the NDB by filling out the contactform. We will sort out the problem and contact you.

Is it Possible to book package and/ or loose nights?
Hotel bookings are NOT for the organization!
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